A guide to local restaurants

The tourism agency "Savés 31" offers you a list of local restaurants


Actuellement, nous sélectionnons des restaurants dans un rayon de 20 km, respectant une cuisine traditionnelle, élaborée sur place avec des produits locaux.

Nous pouvons vous recommander

La Patte d'Oie

33 place de la Patte d'Oie

05 62 20 38 50


Faites vos courses

You can buy directly from producers, not far from the gite.

And explore the local markets within a radius of 30 km.



The association "Bienvenue à la ferme"

This sign indicates the direct sale of fresh products and the farmers that do “producer directly to the consumer” sale!

For sale at the farm, and also in the farmers markets, and in the shops of the producers, the farmers offer their farm produce :
Direct sale of vegetables and fruits, meat (Lamb, pork, veal, beef, poultry, foie gras), cheese, direct sales of wine, honey, jams,...
Local products - including some resulting from organic agriculture - are on the stalls. Freshness, quality, origin and traceability are of course guaranteed.

You have a question about the origin of a product, the conservation of a vegetable? Ask the producer, he will answer your questions and advise you.


Farms located within a radius of 25 km around Poucharramet.